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The Museum of The Book consists of four thousand years of the Word of God displayed and exhibited in more than twenty ancient languages. Tablets of stone from "Ur" of the Chaldees, scrolls and codex manuscripts in Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, Latin, Coptic, Arabic, Ethiopic, Armenian, Slavonic, German, and English (Wyclife) are all available for research. Included in the collection are many translations of the Bible on the printed page starting with the Gutenberg Bible of 1455 and encompassing the famous bibles of the reformation such as Erasmus Greek New Testament, the "Textus Receptus", Luther’s Bible, Wm. Tyndale’s New Testament, Coverdale’s Bible, Matthew's Bible, Great Bible, Geneva Bible, Bishop's Bible, Catholic Bible, and the King James Bible of 1611. Also featured are unusual bibles such as the "wife beaters bible", the "buggs bible", the "breeches bible", the "wicked bible", the "unrighteous bible", and the "killer bible". All are written or printed on a variety of materials including stone, pottery, parchment, skins, vellum, papyrus, metal and paper.  Next

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